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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dog eat Dog World...

So I will probably be getting a lot of "heat" for this. PETA, Dog lovers and all others: I am sorry. I just had to try it and see what all the fuss was about.  There were several possible names for this post: 'doggy style', 'Dog Gone It' and originally I had thought to name my post: B**** eats B**** following the lead of an earlier post 'chick eats chick' but for the life of me, could not confirm whether what I had for lunch was male or female. Not wanting to mislead anyone, I settled on the current title.

There are a few cultures that do consume dog meat and the Philippines is one of them.  I seemed to have more of an excited reaction with the people up north and especially in the Mountain Provinces when I asked if they eat dog.  People out in the city, Manila, seemed appalled that I would dare even ask such a question.  I was told that Bontoc was known for their preparation of this though I am not sure if this is true.

I had had the opportunity to try dog meat on previous trips to China; I do not believe they eat dog per se but you can easily find it on the menu at most Korean restaurants.  Once when I stayed in Dandong, Liaoning Peninsula in China which is the Chinese city that borders North Korea separated by the Yalu River, I could easily identify the characters almost anywhere. I had never had the courage to try it though.

Please note that this video may contain some graphic scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers:

And here is my reaction:

Conclusion: There are other types of meat that I would choose to eat any day. It was mentally challenging to eat this and I would probably only eat it again if 1) I didn't know what it was or 2) I was starving.

Would you want to try it? Have you tried it already?

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